Drywall is a typical part of any modern house that is utilized to make a flat surface between rooms. Drywall, similar to what its name implies, requires to be kept dry since moisture can make it rot and might lead to warping. Once the drywall becomes wet, it is usually required to be replaced. Installing and removing a new drywall won’t risk your home’s integrity since it does not bear a load

Light dampening 

Once the drywall gets splashed by water from a glass, it won’t usually be destroyed. This also applies to minimal leaks, especially if it’s taken action immediately. As soon as it occurs, you have to stop the water flow right away and keep on drying the drywall using towels. Put a fan close to the drywall and the airflow should be directed across the affected part. If you’re quick, you will get to completely dry it out before it becomes totally damaged. If it gets slightly discolored, an application of white paint can definitely help. 

Heavy dampening 

Once the drywall is immersed in a great amount of water for a long time, the damage could be irreversible and cannot be fixed. The typical examples include a steady flood or leak damage. Even after drying the drywall, it won’t return to how it was before. Rather, it’ll be obviously discolored or warped. Putting strong pressure could make it crumble into a chalky or dense powder. Eliminate the drywall right away, dry the surroundings and then replace it with a new drywall sheet because wet drywall could pose health risks. 


Drywall could be an ideal breeding ground for mold even with a bit of water. Once you take out the mold, it will still persist even after you dry your drywall out. In some cases, the mold sometimes causes unpleasant smell and discoloration. In severe cases, like black mold, it could negatively impact the health conditions of the household near the affected area. Symptoms could be respiratory problems, headaches, sneezing, and irritated and red eyes. You have to completely remove your drywall if it displays indications of the infestation of mold.  

If you’ve experienced any of these hassle drywall issues, it would be best to leave it in the hands of the drywall experts for safety and quality purposes.  

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