Job Announcement: Lead Organizer

North Bay Jobs with Justice/Living Wage Coalition seeks a qualified candidate for the position of Lead Organizer. Deadline for applying is May 2nd 2014. The position will begin June 15th.

North Bay Jobs with Justice is a long-term, strategic alliance of labor, faith, immigrant rights, civil rights, and community-based organizations working together to build a progressive movement for economic and social justice. North Bay Jobs with Justice is based upon a direct action model of solidarity and reciprocity, and we organize strategic campaigns in the common interests of our broad-based membership. Campaigns include: the right to organize, living and minimum wage, anti-big box, immigrant rights, racial and gender justice, community benefits, health care for all, opposing cuts to the social safety net, corporate accountability and tax fairness. The organization is affiliated with the national Jobs with Justice network and is based in Sonoma and Marin counties with an office in Santa Rosa, California.

Job Description

Organizing responsibilities:

*Collaborate with Executive Committee, that acts as the Board of Directors, and the Steering Committee, that has representatives from each member organization, to develop annual strategic plan and campaign priorities, and to develop agendas for the monthly and quarterly meetings.

*Build consensus on common goals and priorities among the diverse member organizations and other community stakeholders.

*Develop strategic direct action campaigns for economic and social justice and coordinate campaign implementation, mobilization, and evaluation.

*Support Jobs with Justice committees that are the foundation of the chapter by providing logistical support, facilitating communication and coordination between committees, and developing agendas and campaign materials.

*Encourage, foster, and develop the skills of rank and file members to play leading roles in strategic campaigns, committees, and building the organization.

*Maintain and develop a bilingual print, social media, and web based communication infrastructure for the organization; and maintain a wide range of contacts with local and regional media.

*Serve as the primary spokesperson for the organization and represent the organization to the media, elected officials, the general public, and at a variety of labor and community coalition tables.

Administration, fundraising, & nonprofit management responsibilities:

  • Collaborate with the Executive Committee to develop the annual budget; and participate in the fundraising committee to raise funds through a combination of member dues,      grassroots fundraising, and foundation grants.
  • Write grants and maintain relationships with foundations and major donors.
  • Recruit and supervise new staff, volunteers, and interns.
  • Co-ordinate all reporting. Manage the administration of the organization in collaboration with the officers, book keeper, and consultants including: maintain the financial records and minutes of meetings, meet annual federal and state reporting requirements, and maintain the organizational database.

 Key Qualities and Competencies

* Strong commitment to and understanding of worker justice and the labor movement.

* 3-5 years experience labor or community organizing including base building, leadership development, campaign research, and communications. This may include volunteer experience and participation in campaigns as a rank and file organizer.

*Ability to work collaboratively within a diverse organization.

* Knowledge, skill, and experience in developing and leading effective campaign strategy and commitment to developing rank and file leadership.

* Strong verbal and written communication skills.

* Ability to provide oversight for finances and record keeping.

*Proficiency in Microsoft Word and Excel and experience or the ability to learn social media, Access, Quick books, Salsa labs and other applications;

*Willingness to work nights and weekends as needed.

*Own a vehicle that can be used for work; possess a valid driver’s license and car insurance.

 Additional qualifications and skills desired:

*Bi-lingual English and Spanish

*Teaching or training experience                                                                

*Knowledge of and participation in Jobs with Justice campaigns

*Experience with coalition based organizing


Anticipated starting annual salary of $40,000-$45,000 depending on experience; fully paid comprehensive health and dental benefits; three weeks paid vacation and paid holidays.

Submit cover letter, resume, writing sample, and three relevant recommendation letters and contact information by May 2, 2014 to: North Bay Jobs with Justice, PO Box 427, Santa Rosa, CA. 95402. Candidates may call (707) 346-1187 or email for further information or to confirm receipt of an application. 

For more information about the new North Bay Jobs with Justice chapter (formerly the Living Wage Coalition) please click here. 

North Bay Jobs with Justice is an equal opportunity employer. We strongly encourage youth, people of color, women, LBGT, and differently-abled people to apply


Living Wage Coalition Becomes North Bay Jobs with Justice Chapter

North Bay Jobs With Justice Newsletter Winter 2013 (to view the newsletter click on: "About Us") 

by Martin Bennett and Barbara Giordano

In October 2013 the Living Wage Coalition officially completed the transition to become the North Bay chapter of Jobs with Justice (JwJ).  JwJ is a nationwide network with more than 40 affiliated coalitions in 25 states. The mission of JwJ is “a long-term strategic alliance of labor, faith, student, immigrant and civil rights organizations to build a strong progressive movement for social and economic justice” at the national and local levels.

This transition began when in the fall of 2012 the general membership of the Living Wage Coalition (LWC) voted to affiliate with the nationwide Jobs with Justice organization.  Why?  First, after more than a decade as an independent local organization, LWC members desired to participate in national campaigns for workers’ rights and economic justice.  Second, LWC believed we could increase our power (and organizational capacity) by shifting from an organization of individuals (endorsed by many organizations) to an “organization of organizations” committed to solidarity, mass action, and building enduring community-labor coalitions.  Finally, LWC members understood that we could increase our funding and hire a full-time staff by making the transition to a JwJ chapter.

Community-based organizations affiliated with the new JwJ chapter include the Committee on Immigrant Rights, the Graton Day Labor Center, the Peace and Justice Center of Sonoma County, the California Healthy Communities Center, and the NAACP of Sonoma County.  Unions that have joined include United Food and Commercial Workers Local 5, UNITE HERE Local 2850, Amalgamated Transit Union Local 1575, Staff Nurse's Association Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital, California Faculty Association Sonoma State University, SEIU 1021, Teamsters Joint Council 7 and Teamsters Locals 665, 315, Local 856.

Each affiliate organization has a representative on the steering committee that is the governing body for the organization; it meets on a quarterly basis.

Jobs with Justice is based upon the principles of solidarity, reciprocity, and the need for mass action to win campaigns for workers’ rights and economic justice.  Each chapter collects “I’ll Be There Pledges,” whereby affiliated organizations agree to turn out their members at least five times a year for JwJ-sponsored action, including picket lines, marches, civil disobedience, vigils, and other mass actions.  North Bay JwJ will support worker and economic justice campaigns in both Marin and Sonoma counties.  It is the second JwJ chapter in the Bay Area; the first Bay Area chapter was formed in San Francisco in 2010.

North Bay Jobs with Justice will continue to prioritize campaigns led by the LWC, such as the four-year-old campaign to halt the proposed expansion of the Rohnert Park Wal-Mart to become a supercenter.  Further, we will participate in the national OUR Wal-Mart campaign to support Wal-Mart workers struggling to form a union and to gain living wages and decent benefits.  North Bay JwJ will also build upon our successful Living Wage campaigns in Sebastopol (2003), Sonoma (2004), and Petaluma (2006) and organize a broad-based coalition to pass a Living Wage Ordinance for the County of Sonoma in 2014 (see the article on the County of Sonoma Living Wage campaign elsewhere in this newsletter).  In addition, North Bay JwJ will continue the work of the LWC to support workers attempting to form a union, most immediately the campaign recently initiated by UNITE HERE Local 2850 to organize 1200 casino workers at the Graton casino in Rohnert Park that opened in November 2013.

Beyond these involvements, North Bay Jobs with Justice will likely prioritize in 2014 comprehensive immigration reform at the federal level, and participate in a Bay Area network to enforce legislation recently enacted by the California legislature to protect the labor rights of immigrant and undocumented workers.  We will also sponsor a series of Friday-afternoon panel discussions focusing on national and local campaigns for labor and immigrant rights.

Members of organizations affiliated with North Bay Jobs with Justice are encouraged to sign the pledge and participate in JwJ actions and campaign committees. Individuals who are not members of affiliated organizations may join North Bay JwJ by signing the pledge, contributing $10-$30 sliding scale dues, and becoming a member of a JwJ committee.

Martin Bennett teaches American history at Santa Rosa Junior College and is Co-Chair of North Bay Jobs with Justice. Barbara Giordano is an editor and member of North Bay Jobs with Justice.




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