Have you observed that your stucco décor has slightly deteriorated? If yes, there’s no need to worry since as long as the damage is not too extreme, it can be fixed with a simple cosmetic repair. On the contrary, your stucco might appear fine outside but there’s a chance that it has an issue that cannot be seen by the naked eye. Here are some things to look for to determine the most usual stucco issues that will definitely require to be repaired: 


Too much moisture 

It is for a fact that excessive moisture within the structure of your property is bad news. The trapped moisture around or under the stucco will just make the property structure weaker, which leads to long-term or irreversible damages. If you can see a formation of moisture around the siding of your stucco, you should immediately contact an expert to have it repaired. 


Heavy rains only leave stains on your stucco. As this can be unsightly and annoying enough, stains could also mean that some moistures are trapped under the stucco due to the rain, which makes a moist environment that could only cause damage. If stains start to develop, reach out to an expert right away even if you see that it looks alright on the outside.  


 Just like stains, cracked stucco usually indicates an underlying problem. It could mean that your stucco was warped with moisture to the point of fracture or anything. Regardless of what the cause of your stucco’s cracking is, it is important to have your stucco replaced as soon as possible to keep damages from aggravating even more within your property. 

Never neglect issues or delay 

Delaying stucco repairs could be tempting since others believe that it is only a cosmetic extra to your property. However, stucco damages could mean that it has a more serious issue below, in the structure of your home itself. Ultimately, damaged stucco displays that the situations are causing more issues to happen. Never wait for too long before you decide to have your stucco repaired. You may thank yourself after taking immediate action because you have just literally saved yourself and you also saved a particular amount of money as well. 

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