Do I need a Junk Removal Service?

From house renovation, appliance upgrading, furniture removal, or even garage cleaning, junks, debris and other forms of garbage could be present everywhere. This is the reason why garbage removal one of the hottest industries today. Some may opt to dumpster rental but when you do not want to do the manual work, getting a junk removal service from a professional will help you a great deal.  

Dumpster rental or Junk Removal Service? 

Garbage removal companies are experienced in providing safe and efficient hauling services. It is as easy as renting a dumpster only that they do all the work. All you just need to do call, make a schedule, pay and enjoy the results.  

Compare to just renting a dumpster, junk removal companies are better when removing a heavy, bulky items such as big appliances, furniture and large quantity of garbage and debris. And because they are professional, hiring them ensures your safety and promises a damage-free hauling and cleaning process. 

The extra pro? 

Some good companies like concrete contractors provide eco-friendly disposal of all the items and will also recycle all recyclable junks. Some may also donate reusable items to local organizations connected to charity and give you a tax-deductible receipt for it.  

How much will it cost me and how shall I pay? 

In most cases, the junk removal company will give you a free on-site estimate for projects bigger than picking up a few pieces of junks, furniture, debris, etc. Most removal services charge their customers depending on the size of the loads and/or the distance from their location to yours. Other factors that affect the price include additional disposal fees and permits. 

 When it comes payment, companies differ. Some companies take all forms of payment including checks and credit cards, while others may just accept cash. Some companies also require you to pay in advance as a a deposit, while others do not. To be safe, before availing a service, make sure to discuss this matter with them to avoid getting caught up by hidden fees and unexpected costs. 

What are the things I need to consider? 

You are encouraged to ask some questions relating to their service and logistics.  

  • What will they take after the removal? Many companies will take everything while others may have restrictions to specific items/ junks such as batteries and other hazardous items.  
  • How do they donate the items? If they are donating, make sure that they will not add extra fee. Others may give you tax discount while others add some fees for the additional drop-off service. 
  • Are they licensed and insured? This is by far the most important question you require them to answer. This will save you from availing fly-by-night and scammed service operations. Aside from this, it is also smart to research about your prospected company and/or ask referrals from trusted family and friends.  

Do I need a removal service? 

When you want to be saved from doing unnecessary work of removing and loading junks, then yes, you do need a junk removal service. 

Indications That You Need a Junk Removal Service 

Do you have a lot of junk? Do you have any idea what to do with it? Well, don’t worry. You are not alone. It does not matter how tidy you are, the junk will still exist in your house. This is especially true if you are living in a tiny space. While a bigger house can feel less messy, that collection of junk can be simply as problematic. This is particularly true if you choose to clean out your extra bedroom, basement, attic, shed, or garage.  


So, how will you know if you need the help of a professional junk removal Stockton CA company? Here are several signs to look out for: 

Your Lawn is Extremely Messy 

It is time to contact a professional junk removal company if you’ve got unnecessary items on your back or front lawn. Of course, you really can’t enjoy your time outside if you’ve got leftover rubble or old appliances scattered around your yard. Furthermore, you don’t want your neighbors to see how messy your yard is. Keep in mind that if you’ve got a messy yard, your neighbors will assume that you are messy as well.  

You Have to Relocate Other Items 

Another vital indication that you have to contact a professional junk removal service for help is if you can’t store items anymore in the right places. For example, if you have to move your treadmill into the living room because it does not fit in your basement or if you’ve got to park your lawnmower outside the garage because it does not fit in your shed, then you need to call a professional for help. You should not relocate the things you care about just because you are trying to store things you don’t know how to dispose of properly or things that you don’t use anymore. 

You’ve Got Items You Do Not Know What to Do With 

People get items over time. Homeowners often choose to rearrange and redecorate the rooms in our houses. Thus, what should you do if an old chair does not fit in anymore after you incorporate a new style into a room? Most people try to fit their old chairs into another area. However, this will not be the case if your chair is too outdated. Storing your chair into your basement, shed, or garage is another solution, right? However, is that really the ideal solution? Possibilities are it is simply going to accumulate dust together with the collection of other useless things until you’ve got too much to deal with. You should not let it get to this point. Whenever you’ve got items that you don’t need anymore, you should call a junk removal company as soon as possible. These professionals will come right to your house and will do all the work, from lifting to disposal. Thus, your items will end up in the right place if there’s a possibility it can still be utilized.  

You should do this to any items in your house if you don’t know what to do with them.